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Digantar Vidyalay

Digantar Shiksha Evam Khelkud Samiti is a non-profit organisation working in the field of education since 1978.

Our Story

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The name Digantar means dik+antar or direction+change, denoting a change in perception/ direction or a different direction altogether.


Digantar was conceived as a platform where quality alternative education could be imparted to the children. We believe that the overall objective of education should be to help children develop into autonomous, rational, and caring democratic citizens. A corollary of this would be that primary education should aim at making children self-reliant and motivated learners. This is an important measure of quality of education in Digantar.


Experience of 42 years in quality education

Digantar Vidyalay has been described by many as a dream school. It is a safe space for children especially girls, a space where children can learn, think, express and evolve freely. 

Organisations we have worked with 

MHRD (1989- 2002), Action Aid (1994-1995), UNICEF (2002-2006), Sir Ratan Tata Trust (1998-2000), DPEP (2001-2002), CARE India (2003-2005), Sir Dorabhji Tata Trust (2007-2010), Paul Hemlyn Foundation (2011-2013), Asha for Education (2015-present), Directorate Education, Haryana (2019), UNICEF Delhi (2020), to name a few. 

Our Team

Over the past 4 decades in development sector, we have faced many funding crises and have continuously faced monetary hardships. We can proudly say that the Digantar family is focused on the work, believes in the objectives and continues to deliver in spite of the problems faced. 

Our impact – community

In a community where girl child education was negligent and child marriages a norm, Digantar has managed to make space for dialogues within the community, pave way for change and bring about a change. 

Our Trainings 

Our teacher trainings are a result of our experience over the last four decades. We have over the years trained a number of teachers from government and non-government organisations and continue to do so. Our training modules are customized as per the needs of the organisation and the teacher groups.

NCF 2005

Digantar actively participated in curriculum formulation in NCF2005 in various subjects.

Our Impact

Get Involved

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How to help?

Digantar, more than an organisation, is an idea. Help us in keeping this idea alive in today’s world where organizations like us face immense funding crunch. 
Support us in our cause by 

1.    Sponsoring education of a child.
2.    Sponsoring a teacher i.e., supporting education of 30 underprivileged children.  
3.    Supporting us by donating any amount for stationary, sport equipment, games, art material etc. for the children etc.

What Our Students Say

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Tabu (Student)

"Digantar is like a dream school where children are not only taught how to read and write but, are also encouraged to be good, responsible human beings. Instead of associating children with religions, Digantar helps the children in understanding humanity"

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Sabida (Student)

our education in Digantar was completely free. We felt like the school is a part of our family. I am not sure had Digantar not been there, whether my parents would have continued my education or not. It is because of Digantar that I could complete my schooling.


Naseem (Student, Ex- Teacher)

I studied in Digantar till 12th standard. In an area where girl child education was unheard of, Digantar made sure girls have an access to quality education. Today, I am working as teacher and have a government job.