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September-December (English & Digital)

Siksha Vimarsh

September-December (English & Digital) 2022 Issue

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Article Title Article Author Download PDF
Demographic Digital Dividend ? Mr Gurumurthy Kasinathan Download PDF
What Technology Should I Use in My Class? Prof Rajaram Sharma Download PDF
Online Teaching in a Pandemic World: A Comparison of two Private Schools in Odisha Ms Garima Rath Download PDF
Use of Artificial Intelligence in Education Prof Anusha Ramanathan Download PDF
Campus, Corridor and Cyber Space: The Institutional Dynamics of Online Education Dr Prakrati Bhargava Download PDF
Economic Realities of Virtual Higher Education in a postpandemic India Dr Binay Kumar Pathak Download PDF
Bridging the Digital Divide - A Blended Learning Pilot in Odisha Ms K. Vaijayanti Download PDF
Looming Crisis of Pandemic: Forlorn State of Education Ms Kavita Rajeshwari Download PDF
Learning in the Lockdown: Perspectives from a JJ cluster in Delhi Ms Bhuvaneshwari Subramanian Download PDF
Bringing the real world into online learning: Teacher notes for an online Fun Chemistry course Dr Ajita Deshmukh Download PDF
Online Education during Pandemic: Challenges in Indian Higher Education Ms Disha Sharma Download PDF
Notes from the Field during Covid-19 Mr Vinod R. Download PDF
EdTech Trends and Challenges Ms Anusha Sharma Download PDF
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